Meet Crystal

Blessed momma, coffee addict and fitness enthusiast who loves meeting new people.

About the Film Maker + Photographer

My story of finding passion in photography starts with my own family. Let me share a little about my favourite people.  My amazing husband has been by my side for almost 17 years. We live in Whitby, Ontario with our sweet little man and precious daughter. It was when I became a mother, that I discovered the timeless beauty of capturing their moments in photo. I knew sweet moments passed by so quickly, and I wanted to remember and cherish them always.

As a people person, I treasure building relationships and treating every family like new-found friends. And that’s why you’ll experience a fun, stress-free session where you can be present in the moment. It’s in those relaxed moments where beautiful memories are forever captured for years to come.

Crystal Martland

"Crystal was so down to earth and made the whole process very natural."


My husband and I absolutely love our pictures and have been given such compliments on the photos!
We told Crystal that we have now found our family photographer.