Film + Photo Sessions

For families in the Durham Region

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Family Films

Never lose touch with the sounds and feelings of your memories

A slow down session to relax and enjoy with your kids without distractions. A way to connect with your kids and document the memories at the same time.
$600 +HST
Love You More
$400 +HST
Little Love

Enhance your experience

Family Film

1 Minute Highlight

$350 +HST

Capture the motion and emotion of your photo session along with your printable photos.

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Love You More + Little Love Bundle

Maternity + Newborn Experience

Save $100

Capture all the precious moments with our Motherhood collection which includes both the Love You More and Little Love sessions. 

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Location and styling guidance

Capturing those precious moments should be an enjoyable way to bond with your family. You’ll be supported every step of the way in planning the ideal location and outfit styles.

And Mom—you have complementary access to my client closet to choose an elegant outfit to elevate your session.

FAQ for Family Films

Every family is different and this is a very laid back and slowed down session where you can truly connect and be present in the moment, typically most film sessions are around 3-4 hours

This is entirely up to you. It can be indoors at your home, I believe this to be the most memorable place to film because a lot changes in life, homes evolve, people move so let’s capture the environment your kids grew up in so the can look back and see where that was. Other options could be outdoors or another place that is special and your family spends a lot of time at.

No, this is because songs belong to the artist and royalties must be paid to use them. But, I will carefully select the perfect song from a premium music subscription.

Things happen and illness is something we cannot control. If something comes up and we cannot film that day we will reschedule to a later date that works for both myself and your family.

Yes. I understand this is an investment for your family and there are options to split payments.

8 to 10 weeks. A lot of care, colour grading and planning is put into creating a storytelling masterpiece.

I am a mom of a wild 4 yearold and sassy 2 yearold, so trust me when I say I have seen and dealt with it all, nothing will shock me and I come with no judgment. It might be a bit strange at first for little kids to have a stranger in their space but before our session, I guide you how to talk and prepare all family members about what to expect. Lastly, your kids will be excited to spend the day with you with no distractions or being rushed around.